the course

This 12-week, six-session intensive leverages the unique three-in-one combination of a planner, journal and personal development plan designed to focus your attention continually throughout your day on the execution of your most important goals.

An action oriented planner

Properly define and detail your goals for actionability

Establish daily rituals to prioritize what matters most

Design your ideal week, creating structure for execution

Break goals into achievable weekly initiatives

An Integrated Journal

Personalize intra-day self-diagnostic prompts

Explore the root of obstacles through daily recaps

Identify critical patterns through weekly recaps

Engage your breakdowns head-on, real-time

A dynamic Development Plan

Discover the mission statement that drives you

Identify your life’s greatest commitments

Ensure goals serve your commitments and mission

Create an early-warning system to thwart bad habits

what users say

“What this journal helps me do is to understand the WHY of what I'm doing.  This has allowed me to move through previous blocks that I was unaware of.  I'm so happy Todd created this”

“The planner has been instrumental in helping me to design my ideal day. I now have a schedule that allows me to focus on the important stuff and stay aligned with my long term goals”

“I now go into each task or meeting knowing exactly what or who is going to trigger me, so that I can head off disaster”

“I am on a totally different level at work, executing on my biggest projects at a rate I have not experienced before”


Six live video sessions

Time: 10am - 12pm Pacific Time

Session dates: Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17, Jan 7, Jan 21



$349.00 (includes all materials)

Registration closes Oct 25th


What is the time commitment of this course?

Apart from the six two-hour live interactive sessions, the amount of time and attention you devote to this tool will directly impact the benefit you receive from using it. Expect to spend several hours initially setting up the planner before the first session (video tutorials will be provided to make this easy), roughly two hours a week on structured analysis and planning, and about 20-30 minutes daily setting up your daily page, migrating tasks, and journaling. All time invested will be more than repaid in markedly increased productivity.

What experience or competencies do I need for this course?

No specific competencies are required for this course. However, prior experience with journaling and an openness to self-management and discipline will help.

What are the participation requirements?

Due to the interactive nature of the live sessions, it is imperative that participants engage all sessions in a spirit of collaboration and learning. Outside of the sessions, again, the amount of time and attention you invest in this tool will directly correspond to the benefit you’ll receive.

What materials or equipment do I need?

All materials will be shipped to you in advance of the first session. You are however responsible for ensuring you have an operational computer and reliable internet connection for the group sessions.

What is the format of the live sessions?

Each session will include live instruction in the use of the planner and its worksheets, personal troubleshooting, small-group interactive breakouts, and developmental modules.

How confidential is the information I share in this course?

Every participant in this course agrees to maintain confidentiality, so that every participant feels secure in sharing sensitive personal information in session.

This sounds so structured. What about spontaneity and flexibility?

Let’s face it, personal and professional growth require discipline and deliberate practice. This vehicle is designed to provide structure for that development. However, as users connect more deeply to their values through the exercises in this program, they’ll find themselves increasingly open to meaningful spontaneity in their day, prioritizing people and personal health over goals and tasks. In time, these more nourishing diversions will begin to crowd out the unwanted and unhelpful habits they wish to rid themselves of.

I know already I’ll have to miss one of the sessions. What Should I do?

Each session will be recorded. If you miss one, you’ll obviously miss out on the live interaction of that session, but you’ll be able to view all of the content from it.

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