track problems to the source and build fundamental competencies for ongoing effectiveness and success

We all want a rich life characterized by meaningful work, supportive relationships and memorable experiences.  No one ever sets out to be un-happy, right?  But it happens, and at times it feels as though every attempt to free ourselves leads to the same place:  frustrated, captive, “stuck”.  I support those who are ready to break out; ready to shed careers and habits that don’t serve them, strengthen the relationships and activities that do, to reconnect with their greatest strengths so they can create the rich life they seek.

From career navigation, parenting and relationship health, to simply getting “unstuck”, my coaching work with clients eschews problem solving to instead follow problems to the source, to build competencies for lasting personal development and success.


work better

fresh energy for your career

Rediscover the joy of work through bringing the best parts of yourself back into your daily activities

“my business impact and income has increased substantially”

Advocate for your natural ways of creating value by reconnecting to your unique talents

“the outcome was a new job that has been overwhelmingly excellent”


relate better

deeper meaning in your relationships

Strengthen the relationships that accept, love and nourish you

“I began to see how my own self-judgement had been keeping me from staying connected”

Establish effective boundaries for the professional and personal relationships that don’t

“my unsupportive, transactional relationships seemed to just fall away”


love better

stronger foundation for loved ones

Repair your closest relationships through more effective communication

“a place of greater compassion for the ways we had mistreated ourselves and each other”

Create space for more frequent moments of spontaneity, intimacy and joy

“I catch myself in a state of awe as I look at my beautiful son… where have I been these past years?!”


guide better

clearer direction for mentorship

Nurture and empower those who rely on you

“I had always said I wanted to spend more time developing my direct reports, but I didn’t… now it’s a priority, and its actually making my life easier”

Leverage difficult situations into opportunities for learning and growth

“Todd showed me how to take each new behavioral challenge and connect it to a character quality I wanted to develop in my kids”