design, advance and achieve your life’s greatest goals

Life Architecture is about living intentionally. It’s a process of replacing complacency and reactivism with deeply-informed intention, so that the life you’re living looks more and more like the life you want for yourself. This is how we do it:

one: clarify

see your true self


We begin with a series of conversations and exercises engineered to connect you clearly to your greatest commitments: those values, dreams and relationships that you wouldn’t give up for anything else.

“Todd was able to reflect back my grand vision to me in a way that felt clearer and more in alignment with who I was than I was able to”

We will challenge what you believe you know about your self and your desires, and as this self-understanding deepens, so does the foundation from which to design your ideal life.


two: design

reimagine your future


Next, we’ll reimagine what’s possible for your life, and design a meaning-rich future that prioritizes those values, dreams and relationships above all else.

“Todd helped me see my career from a very personal level and we were able to paint a career picture that was exactly what I needed”


three: align

start walking your walk


Then we’ll begin aligning all the many components of your life behind your greatest commitments, so that every decision you make and every action you take are informed, intentional and true to your life vision.

“You'll be amazed at his ability to connect, listen, and truly allow you to be you, while helping steer you towards your goals, in an integral, inside-out sort of way”

You will experience a new sense of ease and flow in your activities, as you begin to shed the patterns and habits that don’t serve you, while nurturing the activities and relationships that do.


four: integrate

master your self


As you increasingly align your lifestyle, career and daily actions with your greatest commitments, you’ll become painfully aware of the internal and external sources of resistance to your intentions—deeply ingrained habits, self-doubt, professional and societal pressures—each a gift of deeper learning about your self and your environment.

“Todd continued to come across as a resilient force helping connect the seemingly scattered threads”

You will learn to notice, interpret and independently address these areas of resistance, skillfully self-sourcing solutions to obstacles.


Whatever the dream, there is a path to living it. OUTLIER is for those who are ready to break out and live their unique life.