stay focused and effective


Organize for action and high-grade your development efforts through personal management tools designed to keep you laser-focused on your greatest commitments and biggest goals.

Concerned about executing on a work project? Having difficulty breaking a troubling habit? Looking for a more effective way to maintain your journaling and reflective practices? Whatever the pursuit, we’ll co-create a set of physical tools tailored to you.

A thoughtfully designed vehicle for personal growth can make all the difference between success and failure. Here is what people are saying about the tools we’ve created together:


“What this journal helps me do is to understand the WHY of what I'm doing.  This has allowed me to move through previous blocks that I was unaware of.  I'm so happy Todd created this”

“the planner has been instrumental in helping me to design my ideal day. I now have a schedule that allows me to focus on the important stuff and stay aligned with my long term goals”

“I now go into each task or meeting knowing exactly what or who is going to trigger me, so that I can head off disaster”

“I am on a totally different level at work, executing on my biggest projects at a rate I have not experienced before”


how we create tailored tools

  • a free consultation will clarify your goals and identify the most effective tools

  • we’ll design the right framework to facilitate the execution of your goals

  • you will receive the tools and instructional support to get you started

  • we’ll conduct follow-up sessions to correct program fit and ensure adoption