transform yourself through a discovery of your deeper values, gifts, and the hidden obstacles to success

Who are you, really? Such a simple question. And yet the answer is rarely quite so simply found. It won’t just fall into your lap upon asking; you have to look for it. OUTLIER is for those who are looking: the rare few who are ready to break out and rediscover their unique path.

“Todd helped me discover what I needed in my job, as well as my day to day life, to feel accomplished and satisfied. This newfound understanding ignited a significant career change for me, into a new position in a completely different field”

Perhaps, as happened to me, you’ve begun to see that your career, your lifestyle, and maybe even your most personal relationships seem to be following a script that just doesn’t fit. Maybe you are feeling “stuck” in your professional role, or you’re noticing a lack of substance in your interactions. Do your leisure activities and hobbies rejuvenate you, or do they feel like work? Perhaps your big life dreams and goals feel like they are getting further away from you with each adult decision you make. These are all symptoms of a great disconnect: you’re forgetting who you really are. The good news is that it’s never too late to right your ship.

“I am more in alignment with my internal values…walking my walk more than at any other time in my life.  I feel like I am on the road to truly making the impact I want to in the world. Todd was able to help me articulate a strategy and give me ground level tactics to move forward”

The clock is ticking, my friend. Life is too short and far too precious to waste being “stuck”, and your experience of this life should feel like thriving, not just surviving. Helping you get back on your true path—to live effectively and intentionally, and to realize your life’s greatest aspirations—this is my work. And all of the services offered at OUTLIER support my commitment to helping you on that journey.

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